A white kitchen with beautiful splashes of color and unique details; this timeless kitchen emulates the homeowner’s vibrant taste. When hosting, the high gloss black bar with large metal mesh inserts, antique mirror, and polished brass cremone bolts makes a statement guests won’t soon forget. Black and brass also appears in the timeless metal range hood that pops against the white wainscot framed inset cabinetry. The perfect shade of blue that complements the high gloss black bar and high gloss black hood was used to add a pop of color on the island and a banquette that transports you to a Parisian cafe. The old kitchen layout posed design challenges as the island and dining table were scrunched together. We elongated the kitchen island and created a ‘dining table’ at the end by removing base cabinets and sliding counter stools under the cohesive island. We also doubled the dining table space by adding a banquette on the side wall off the kitchen that was an ill use of space in the prior layout. The homeowner wanted a bar with a furniture effect while also being a part of the kitchen. Thus, the high gloss cabinetry was chosen for the bar to stand out. It’s a fun piece to display barware and make drinks. We also incorporated a television in the design where anyone in the kitchen can see it and enjoy while sitting at the island or the banquette area, or cooking at any spot in the quaint space. One of the best aspects is what we did to hide the pantry under the stairs. The cabinetry doors were made to resemble a furniture piece and makes for an unexpected pleasant surprise when opening to a pleasant pantry.