Rebekah Moore Murphy is an award-winning designer who lives and breathes design and quickly achieved “senior designer” status in the industry. Inspired by art, fashion, and world cultures, her distinctive work for both individual clients and national companies has frequently been featured in design and lifestyle publications. She founded Stone Hall Cabinetry at Ladue Market in Ladue, MO. The cabinetry showroom she designed is one-of-a-kind and showcases a myriad of custom details that are rare in cabinetry design execution. The designs are rooted in British architectural foundation while showcasing European influenced design, high-gloss factory painted finishes and inlaid brass metal work with custom Stone Hall branded cremone bolt hardware. 

Rebekah and her team approach each project as an opportunity to create something unique. She believes the details make the room and works with her clients from initial design concept to completion of project management, working closely with clients, architects, interior designers and builders to create a cohesive architectural and interior style unique to each client’s taste and needs.

So much thought and planning goes into cabinetry design, much more than people realize. Rebekah thinks about your project non-stop during the process and is always tweaking and refining her ideas for perfect execution. At every moment she is making sure that each item is correctly made, that the sizes are correct, the room dimensions are measured and re-measured, and that the finishes are right. 

It is Rebekah’s and her team’s job to assemble all of the various items for their client’s selection and create an environment for them that is not only a reflection of their style and taste but also suitable for and specifically tailored to their needs. 

The most valuable asset she can offer her clients is her experience and years of designing houses and her gut for seeing the big picture and how every small decision will make up the overall design. With each new project she is determined to learn something new, not only about design, but also about herself and her creativity. With every project she pushes herself to move forward design boundaries while keeping within classic and timeless profiles.